Wood Duck Boxes & Predator Guards for Sale!
Limited Offer First Come, First Serve
Sold Out in Record Time
Watch for May 7th Lumber Order & Kit Sale!

Boxes $20 each

Predator Guards $10 each

The J. M. Tawes Technology and Career Center in Somerset Co. (Tawes) has made 27 pine wood duck boxes and 25 predator guards. These boxes were originally intended for MWDI’s use. However, in order to help perpetuate the school’s program of teaching its students proper saw and wood assembly techniques, MWDI and the Maryland Waterfowler’s Association (MDWFA) are assisting Tawes sell the boxes so they can recycle the proceeds to fund cedar wood purchases for more boxes next year.

The boxes are made of high quality, almost clear pine. They are 12” wide and 24” tall with a side door, hinged opening. They have been screwed together. The predator guards are made from 26 gauge galvanized metal and have been formed into cones with flap mounts to fit a 4x4 pole or equivalent.

This price (boxes are $20 and the guards $10) includes Maryland sales’ tax. The boxes are in Rock Hall. MWDI & MDWFA will try to assist delivery but pickup in Rock Hall may be necessary if a mutually convenient time cannot be arranged.

Payment will be made to the J. M. Tawes Technology and Career Center directly once the availability and sale has been confirmed with MWDI. Payments details will then be provided; once Tawes receives the check, pickup will then be scheduled.

To discuss or order, contact Cliff Brown at Cliftonabrown@aol.com  or call 703-447-5142